Review of HTC Mozart with Windows Phone 7


Well I’ve had my new HTC Mozart with Windows Phone 7 from Telstra for 3 days now so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring with a review.


The HTC Mozart is an excellent handset. It looks great, is light to carry and has an extremely bright and crisp screen.

I find the Back, Windows and Search buttons at the bottom of the screen a little sensitive and I am regularly bringing up the search screen without meaning to. This is probably just a case of me getting used to the phone than a reflection on the design.

The speaker works well and is loud enough to clearly hear the person your talking too even if there’s background noise.

I initially set the email to deliver to the phone as it was received but that was chewing the battery quite quickly. It used nearly half the battery in 5 hours. I changed it to check email every 30 minutes and it’s made a huge difference. It’s been off the charge for 4 hours today and the battery level still shows aprox 95%.

My one complaint is that the camera button maybe requires too firm a press to take a photo. The extra pressure needed tends to move the phone a little and make the photo’s blurry.

Windows Phone 7 OS:

After using a Palm Treo with Windows 6.0 on it for 2 years all I can say about Windows Phone 7 is WOW!! The OS is a huge improvement over it’s predecessors. With the offerings from Apple and Google with the iPhone and Android phones they had big shoes to fill. In my opinion they have met and exceeded expectations in most areas.

The initial home screen shown in the picture above is simple but powerful. The active tiles provide an excellent snapshot of everything you need to know at a glance like number of emails, text messages and missed calls. It is also easy to scroll down the screen to quickly access your favourite applications or even people you contact regularly.

The People listing groups data for each of your contacts from Outlook, Facebook and Windows Live showing a complete list. You can scroll through the users or click on a heading letter to bring up the alphabet to jump to a specific letter. The contact profile page shows combined data from all sources including related people like partners and children. My one complaint about the profile is that it shows you updates and information from Facebook, but not recent email activity from that person.

As you would expect, Internet Explorer is the standard browser and seems to be quite quick to load sites. The pinch zoom feature of the phone is very handy when browsing sites. The fact that every time you open a link from an app or email it opens as a new tab in IE is a bit annoying. You then have to keep going in and closing the tabs so you don’t end up with 20 tabs open.

There are a lot of great apps out already with I’m certain a lot more to come. Having the Foxtel app and being able to browse the guide and set my IQ to record from my phone is very cool. You will also find apps for the main social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

We run an exchange server in our office and having my email synced to my phone is a critical requirement for me. Email integration is very simple to setup and get working quickly. I have my emails syncing within about 2 minutes of turning the phone on. Reading and replying to email is easy and the on screen keyboard is easy to use and allows you to type quickly.

I only have 3 issues with the new OS and I hope to see them resolved quickly my Microsoft.

  1. No Tethering
  2. No Copy and Paste
  3. Cannot easily move cursor back into email or message to change or add

No Tethering

I used my Palm Treo a lot to connect to my laptop and use the internet via the internet connection sharing. I was very surprised to see that the new Windows Phone 7 OS doesn’t yet support this. People have been tethering phones to laptops for years and this is a glaring omission and frankly quite disappointing.

No Copy and Paste

I don’t use copy and paste all that often but it is very helpful to have it when I need it. Once again a surprising omission from a phone OS that has Email, Messaging and Word running on it.

Moving Cursor

This may be related to the copy and paste issue above. If I am typing an email and want to go back to change or add a section of text it’s quite difficult. The only option I have is to click on a word and select the whole word. If I then start typing my text replaces the word. From there I can retype the word and add my additional text. It really shouldn’t be that hard.


In summary, despite the few shortcomings of the OS (which I’m certain will be fixed in time), the HTC Mozart with Windows Phone 7 is an excellent combination and a phone that I’ll enjoy using each day.

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  1. Moving the cursor user tip. Hold your finger down on the approximate area were you want the cursor, the cursor will pop up and you can then preciously position it…

  2. usually to lengthen the ring time, you adjust the “divert if not answered” setting. What’s happening is that if the phone rings for x seconds without being answered, it gets diverted to the voicemail number.

  3. Is it possible to get custom ringtones? I dont like the standard tones on the phone? I have gone from an iPhone to this htc…very big change. Unsure whether it was a good option or not.

  4. anyone having trouble with the HTC 7 Mozart ? I am with Telstra and only had it for 3 weeks . the screen is flashing ( start screen . It turns off at different times and wont turn back on even when I remove battery and put back it … then after about 10 mins it turns its self back on ! I had trouble the other night . ( see I worked out too that you need to keep the phone on all night for the alarm to go off in the morning grrr!)
    so I Charged it fully at 8pm …. ( kept it on by my bed … and funny alarm didnt go off and funny phone wouldnt turn on . put it on charge …. then it started charging … IT HAD FULLY DRAINED BATTERY over night without being used!!!
    I am having another huge issue with the contacts that are saved in the phone !!! see copying from my last sim card ( optus ) was fine it copied all to the phone ( but now I need to send my phone away to be looked at … and I need to copy the contacts to the Telstra sim !!!! Telstra said I cant and that I will have to use the Zune software to do that !!!! That has nowhere that I can see also .
    and Problems with that too …… List goes on !!!
    Zune isnt letting me get into the apps says put in my Windows live Id … well I first did one and then it said something like doesnt support this (US) But Im in Australia … so I set up a windows … said something the same … so no luck !!!
    Pleas can someone help!!! Ready to put phone in Bin!

  5. Hi does anyone else have trouble downloading apps? i keep trying to, but i can’t im hooked to the wifi and still doesn’t work. Can someone please help?
    Thanks Sara

  6. Leanne, One suggestion in regards to Zune accounts and downloading apps is that your PC needs to have the region correctly set. I had US selected on my laptop and had access to the music and podcast side of the marketplace and as soon as I changed it to Australia I lost all that access but my phone would connect properly. Have a look at those settings in Control Panel.

  7. Hi,
    I love my HTC Mozart and have had a couple of issues that Leanne mentions, ie: flashing screen but I found if I turned the phone off and then on again it helps!
    My biggested issue at the moment is how to copy text messgaes to my computer! HTC “help” told me to copy and paste!!!! Hmmm where oh where is the copy and paste?? Does anyone know how I can do this!
    I would also like to be able to use my own music as my ringtones!
    Thank you

  8. Leanne, I feel you! I am also with Telstra and ready to chuck this stupid crap in the bin!!! I find that the access to battery is too hard. I feel like I’m going to crack the screen every time. One thing I have figured out in regards to the phone randomly turning off is that, when you are using it for too long especially while talking, it over heats and turns off!!
    Comes in handy when you need to make an emergency call
    I can’t put music on my phone, because Zune won’t let me because I’m in Australia??
    This is why nothing will ever beat Apple when it comes to technology. They’re simple and easy and everybody has an ipod wire, in case your phone gets flat. itunes is compatible to all computers not just xp onwards and it is just more user friendly.
    Word of advise to people thinking about purchasing a windows 7 phone. DONT!!!! You’re throwing your money away.

  9. Question:

    Can I extend the ring time of my mobile before it diverts to the MessageBank® service?

    Yes. The default ring time setting is 15 seconds. You can extend the ring time before the call gets diverted to MessageBank® by pressing the following sequence on your mobile phone:
    * * 61 * 1 0 1 * * (number of seconds: 15, 20, 25 or 30) #
    and press SEND or CALL.

    IMPORTANT – The number of seconds must be in five second increments.

    For example, to set the ring time to 25 seconds before it diverts to MessageBank, you would enter the following key sequence into your phone:
    * * 6 1 * 1 0 1 * * 2 5 #
    and press SEND or CALL.

    You can enter * * 0 0 4 * 1 0 1 # to set or restore all three conditional call forwarding settings (Busy, No Answer, No Reply) to Mobile MessageBank simultaneously. This code will set the default ring time of 15 seconds.

    You can enter # # 0 0 4 # to remove all three conditional call forwarding settings (Busy, No Answer, No Reply) to Mobile MessageBank simultaneously. This code will set the default ring time of 15 seconds.

    ® Registered trade mark in Australia of Telstra Corporation Ltd

  10. Thank you for that info Jools, was wondering hw to fix that.

    I have another problem though, I switched to Telstra a few weeks ago and I have a HTC Mozart, I transferred over all my contacts from my old phone with no problem, but what is happening now is, when I call some of my contacts, they saw my number doesn’t show up but Blocked does?….this is weird because I’m calling contacts that I have had on my old phone for years and I’ve kept the same number. Any ideas?

  11. hi i bought my htc mozart of a friend who was with telstra but im with virgin and i want to know how can i setup my internet on it, i cant find the settings in the phone can somebody help please

  12. Hi I have a Mozart 7 with telstra, i have transferred music onto my phone via Zune, but am unable to change my ringtone???Any suggestions? Thanks

  13. Tanya, I am having the same issue, I have put all my songs on to my phone using Zune and still nothing. I was tolad that I would have to purchase a ringtone from bigpond etc to use a song as my ringtone, but I am having issues doing that. It keeps telling me that my phone is not set up for that application; does anyone know how to fix this! All the standard ringtones SUCK!!

  14. Bree says:
    January 12, 2011 at 9:46 am

    Tanya, I am having the same issue, I have put all my songs on to my phone using Zune and still nothing. I was tolad that I would have to purchase a ringtone from bigpond etc to use a song as my ringtone, but I am having issues doing that. It keeps telling me that my phone is not set up for that application; does anyone know how to fix this! All the standard ringtones SUCK!!

    same any ideas? the net isnt being much use to me at the moment

  15. battery issues_ do the talstra.iph ipn change. It works well, you just have to go back into apn settings and hit delete if you want to purchase things from marketplace and pay with your account, then to get good battery life go back in and add the telstra.iph one back.
    I cannot work out how to do the custom ringtones. I was told that if you put a song onto zune, and transfer it to ringtones instead of onto the phone, but i havent worked that out yet.

    Mine freezes sometimes, and i have to pull the battery out. It is usually in market place when it loads up too many things, or sometimes with the alarm. Im hoping the rumoured firmware update will fix that.
    I also found that the plug on the charger is very flimsy so dont put too much pressure on it cos it till bend, and break( no 2 for me) BUT, 2 years worth of warrenty….. awesome!

  16. hey
    my contact list is full of my hotmail and facebook contacts
    i really just want to know what to do
    is there a way to group contacts or do i have to delete them all

  17. Anyone been able to use the bluetooth? I contacted support and told will only work with their headset ….. can’t pair to anything sucessfully. As for the copying from mozart to sim …. they say can’t be done. Mozart is a pile of crap.

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